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Aviron College

If the 1930s defined an important period in the history of Quebec – then under the aegis of Maurice Duplessis -, for the Institut Technique Aviron Montreal they represented the beginning of the adventure: indeed, it was in 1937 that he Institut Technique Aviron Montreal was founded, while Captain WJ Guy, an aviation pioneer, and Simon F. Flegg, a European educator and industrialist, pooled their talents and expertise to build a professional training school.

The timing could not have been better, since the whole country is preparing for war: in a few months, the Aviron Technical Institute Montreal participates in the war efforts by training workers in the aviation industry, and this, based on subjects as varied as parachuting techniques, the transformation of metal sheets, assembly, drawing, welding, aeronautics, etc. This is how our first graduates obtain important positions commensurate with their training, paving the way for all those who will mark the following decades.

Aviron’s success extended to Quebec City with the opening in 1961 of a second school. This booming business was nevertheless sold in 1991 in order to concentrate in Quebec the exceptional resources available to Aviron Quebec College Technique.

Since then, the excellence of our teaching has never wavered. It is the result of the deep dedication of our staff, a few of whom have worked at Aviron Quebec Technical College for more than 20 years. This invaluable loyalty extends to our graduates, who keep in touch with those in charge of the placement service and educational advisers, even after many years.

A winning formula? Without a doubt, since it is based on the following philosophy: to provide the industry with people trained with the greatest professionalism and in the cult of excellence, in an environment at the cutting edge of technology, with the aim of make them individuals coveted by business, prosperous and productive for the community. It goes without saying that our staff are selected with the same care. A winning formula? No doubt! That’s why the story has lasted for 80 years …



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